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Revelation, a word commonly misused that conjures up fear and the end of the world, as we know it for some. But according to Webster, a Revelation is a "disclosure, a striking disclosure, as of something not previously known or realized." and such is the Surgical-Steeds Arabian motorcycle.

Surgical-Steeds continues to raise the bar on performance and creativity in custom bike design, offering the ultimate in limited production American motorcycles. The Arabian model is the crème de la crème of the Steed stable of models.

The original concept for the Arabian line of Steeds for 2001 was to develop a two-wheeled Revelation. Building a striking new Steed to stretch the boundaries of where motorcycle design and performance currently exist, becoming something that was not known or realized. Not to let the biblical implications of the new millennium pass them by, Steeds are only offering 4 of these models to ever be built, each in their own fire-and-brimstone color combinations of White, Red, Black and Pale for each of the Four-horsemen to ride into the Apocalypse. This ought to become quite a concern for the true believers if all four of these machines go for a putt on the same day. Steeds prefers Webster's definition of a Revelation, than the consequences of Gideon's version. Let's just call the Arabian the Steed concept bike of the century.

The basis for the Arabian starts with Steeds own Monotail chassis, (featuring a single shock under the seat) that was chrome plated neck to tail. To commemorate the millennium, a 2001 c.c. (120 c.i.) Polished Merch power-plant accented with Ness billet rocker boxes, among other billet details, was chosen to be linked to a Dyna-style Baker 6-speed transmission via a Rivera/Primo 3-inch open belt-drive system. All this power meets the road with a 200 Avon rear tire. As with all the Steed stable, a combination of proven components are carefully chosen to perform flawlessly, making it possible for Steeds to offer a full 3 year FACTORY warranty on their machines. Milwaukee-Iron fenders were modified in-house at Steeds to provide the classic Musclebike profile to the Arabian model.

The one-piece steel tank is complete with a flush mount filler cap that was also stretched at Steeds to conform to the custom made white Danny Gray saddle. Pearl white was the commanded color for the first of the series of four Arabians', accented with a massive silver-leaf Steed signature racing stripe specifically designed for the conqueror. A detail only for the owner's eyes, which could be you, is the hand lettered tablet under the seat-back verifying the authenticity as the first of four limited units to be produced in this series of Monotail Musclebike Motorcycles.The Arabian is not just some show pony. This bike is NOT cluttered with unnecessary jewelry, destined to be trailered from show to show to collect trophies. Built to be ridden in the new century, enhanced cornering is provided by the increased ground clearance of the Monotail chassis, along with the accessible 3-way adjustable Progressive Suspension monoshock, which delivers sportbike-cornering characteristics. The inverted 63-mm front end equipped with dual Wilwood chromed four piston calipers effortlessly bring this Steed to a halt in record time. The turn signals are tucked neatly into the Kury-Akyn Mirrors up front. The rear signals are blended into the chassis, while the bright L.E.D. taillight / license plate frame is another product from the Steed Paddock of unique parts.

Unlike many of the one-off customs on the scene today, the Arabian is listed in the Kelly Blue-Book and NADA motorcycle guides and is EPA and DOT approved, and can be equipped for Californians if need be. Surgical-Steeds continues to provide a unique niche in the Alternative American motorcycle segment, providing pedigreed unique custom bikes, like the Arabian, with the reliability and performance that could have only been developed during years of custom bike building experience.

Ultimate owner of the No.1 White Steed Arabian, Radio Imaging Mogul, Rick Allen.

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