Steed: Built to Ride

Musclebike Drivetrain

NEW for 2005
Steed Musclebike Motorcycles Joins Forces
with S&S to offer 111c.i. and 124c.i. engines
and (optional) Baker 6-Speed RSD Transmission for the

At Steeds we believe American bikes should have AMERICAN Drivetrain components. With our commitment to quality and reliability, we've formed a new alliance with S&S Cycles this year to offer their industry leading 111- and 124-ci motors in our bikes. We've also joined forces with the world's leading carburetor manufacturer, Mikuni American and mated their state-of-the-art HSR-45 Performance Carburetor to our engines in '05.

In our High-End Steed™ line of STEED Musclebike® Motorcycles, the S&S Super Sidewinder 4-1/8" Bore and 4-1/8" Stroke "Square" 111-ci motor can develop 115 horsepower and 124 foot pounds of mind-blowing torque at the twist of the wrist.

In our Maximum Steed™ line of STEED Musclebike® Motorcycles, the S&S Super Sidewinder 4-1/8" Bore and 4-5/8" Stroke 124-ci motor can develop 134 horsepower and 148 foot pounds of arm-stretching, you better Velcro your assets to the seat torque.

Both our High-End Steed™ and Maximum Steed™ motor combinations feature automatic electronic operated compression relief valves, for no brainer starting and extended starter and battery life.

Utilizing the New S&S IST™ "Intelligent Spark Technology" ignition system for increased performance and pre-calibrated motor break-in, these engines are the best in the business, engineered to keep you riding trouble free. Steed Motorcycle Company is proud to be associated with the industry leader, S&S because the view is always the same if you're not the lead Steed.

Combine the S&S power-plant and the optional Baker tranny, linked with the Rivera Primo Brute V primary drive system, and everything you've come to expect from the industry innovators at Steed Motorcycle Company. THE SOURCE FOR CUSTOM™.