Steed: Built to Ride

Unique Custom Paint

Every motorcycle Surgical-Steeds produces has a uniquely designed paint scheme. No two Steeds are ever painted the same. The very essence of a Steeds' Paintwork is uniquely designed to embody the personality of its owner. Whether the motorcycle is sitting on our showroom floor waiting to be discovered by its new owner, or a special ordered model with a commissioned paint-job, each of Steeds rolling works of art go through a meticulous 47 step finishing process developed at Surgical-Steeds.

Only the best products and methods are used in the production of a Steed paint-job. We start by hand fabricating and welding on a gracefully curved tank stretch to match the appropriate saddle chosen. Any existing rivets on fenders are removed and gussets are welded in place, then all the sheet metal is stripped and glass-beadblasted before any final bodywork is done. All fuel tanks are sealed internally to protect from corrosion.

The stripped metal is primed with PPG K-36 Urethane Primer/Surfacer then guide-coated and hand sanded prior to application of PPG DP-48 Epoxy sealer. After being sealed and inspected for imperfections the first base-coat of PPG urethane DBU or DAU candy -color is sprayed on. Between each coat the work is sanded and inspected to remove any flaws. At this point artwork is applied and clear-coated then hand pinstriped by "Ron the Legend," then clear-coated, sanded again and finally wet-sanded with 2000 grit 3M paper. The final work is then processed in a three step buffing system then hand-rubbed and hand-buffed prior to waxing.

Steeds has a stable of artists available to design and create ultimately any art imaginable. John Covington has his hands in the graphics and design of every project coming out of Steeds Paint shop. John works closely with several award-winning artists including the amazing Rick Westcott our photo-realist artist can reproduce any photograph, portrait, or image using his amazing illustration talents. Tom Stephenson's artwork has been featured on Steed built bikes since the early days and we're proud to be an outlet for his creativity on motorcycles. Check out the "Elvis" album cover supplied to us by the former mayor of Omaha, Nebraska, P.J.Morgan. "T-Step" captured the image and even reversed it on the other side for P.J.'s Steed Custom.

Another artist that has been working with Steeds for over a decade is Ron "the Legend" Hernandez. Ron's meticulous pinstriping skills have been a valuable finishing touch to hundreds of graphic paint jobs created at Steeds, and his 'Old S'Cool' hot-rod striping technique is seeing a huge swell in popularity with the resurgence of the Ron-Dutch style on many of our latest 300 series choppers.

John Covington developed our paint department and painting processes at Steeds, and has his creative hand in every Steed bike that hits the road, from actually laying out the graphics, to coordinating all the talented artists and craftsmen who contribute their skills to bring quality unique paint designs to life.

Steed Motorcycle Company also has the ability to create unique custom molds for fiberglass projects. Our in-house metal fabrication department handles all of the custom metal fabrication details found on all our machines. Check out the Cammy, Stealth, Assassin, and Cobra bike projects, and more paint examples at the link below.

More Steed Paint Examples