Established in 1989, Steed Motorcycle Company is the oldest recognized Federally Licensed Alternative American Builder. World Class Motorcycle Designer John Covington has been credited with formulating the highest standards of quality and innovation in custom motorcycle manufacturing by the Motorcycle Hall of Fame. Each individually crafted Steed Musclebike is constructed by Covington and a select talented team of Steed Certified technicians at their Scottsdale, Arizona headquarters.

Individuality is what motorcycling is all about and nothing is more personal than a Steed. "We're like a micro-brewery of motorcycles,” according to Covington, " Our Steeds offer a truly unique alternative to any machine on the road today." Steed motorcycles are built on their proprietary platform, Steeds exclusive Monotail chassis, which is one of the most exciting innovations in street-riding suspension technology today.

Steeds has joined forces with the industry leader S&S Cycles to supply their new 124- and 111-inch motors in their All AmericanTM Steed Musclebike® Drivetrain which also includes the revolutionary American Baker Right Side Drive 6-Speed transmission. Steed motorcycles offer the most reliable high performance V-Twin engines and transmissions available at any price, incorporating the finest USA made components for years of reliable arm-stretching performance.

Award winning unique custom paintwork is also created in-house at the Steed facility, and at Airea5150. "The sky is the limit when it comes to designing paint jobs." Each Steed bike has a unique paint scheme, and no paint job will ever be duplicated insuring every Steed owner is riding on a personalized machine. Covington and his staff of artists and illustrators have had their rolling works of art featured in all the top motorcycle publications including Easyriders, Big-Twin, Hot Rod Bikes, American Iron, Ironworks, CycleWorld, European Freeway and Sports Illustrated to name a few. FOX Sports, SpeedVision and Steel Dreams TV have also aired television programs featuring Covington and his stable of Steed Creations. Covington's customs have also been in the official Harley-Davidson Dreamgirls calendar for over four consecutive years running.

Steeds also has a retail showroom displaying the latest custom parts and accessories for your bike, as well as a selection of turnkey Steeds ready to ride into the sunset. All steed motorcycles come with a Steed Factory Warranty, their own "Steed Pedigree" of federal vehicle identification numbers, DOT, EPA and CARB Certifications and are also listed in the NADA and Kelly Blue Book Motorcycle Appraisal Guide for established resale values, and Full Coverage insurance availability.

You'll find Steed Motorcycle Company's personal approach to world-class custom bike building a truly unique experience. The entire team at Steeds looks forward to building you the best American motorcycle possible, your Steed.

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